The Reverend David Avol Memorial Library contains Jewish themed materials such as adult non-fiction and fiction, siddurim, haggadot, CD’s and DVD’s, and a limited supply of children’s items.  Most of the children’s materials have been moved to the age-appropriate Hebrew School classrooms with the understanding that the children can bring materials home whenever they wish to do so and can also explore the other classroom libraries if they wish.

We have an archive collection which contains oral histories on CD-ROM, photographs and articles as well as some display artefacts.

Currently the library is being weeded with a new plan in the works to be implemented once the synagogue renovations are complete.  The new model that the library will follow is similar to that of the “Little Library Boxes” seen around the city.  Patrons will be able to simply take items home without signing or scanning them out.  A borrowing card will not be needed.  Once patrons are finished with an item they can leave it in the “RETURNS/DONATIONS” box for re-shelving.

Donations will be accepted through the “RETURNS/DONATIONS” box as well, but outdated items such as VHS or cassette tapes will be discarded.  Items that are severely damaged, moldy or a second copy of something we already have will either be recycled or donated elsewhere (if the item is in good shape.)

DVD’s will have a sign out process involved which will be explained on a sign on the DVD stand.

For more information on our library please email: