In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, many Jews fleeing the persecution in Eastern Europe came to Western Canada.

In 1908, the Saskatoon Jewish Community was comprised of only a handful of people. The first religious service was held in a rented house, and often the local hotels had to be canvassed to find a traveler, or more, of the Jewish faith who could help complete the of ten required for formal prayer.

In 1919 a new synagogue was built at the corner of Avenue F and 21st Street, and a Hebrew School was opened at Avenue I and 19th Street. At that time, the majority of Jews lived on the west side of the city. As the community grew, a new school was built across the street from the synagogue, along with a space for community gatherings.

In 1958, the current synagogue was dedicated. It was constructed to be a community centre comprised of a sanctuary, social hall, Hebrew school, and extra room to facilitate the growing needs of the community. With this move in location, the community also changed its orientation from Orthodox to the Conservative movement, opening the door to complete and equal access for all members of the Saskatoon Jewish Community.

Today Congregation Agudas Israel is a strong presence in the Saskatoon multi-cultural landscape. We offer a cradle to grave Jewish family experience. We have a Hebrew school, a mikvah and more opportunities to explore your Judaism than you can possibly imagine! Come be part of this special community.