Hebrew Preschool coming in September!

Dear friends;

We are very happy to introduce to you our new Hebrew Preschool for children ages 3 and 4.

Learn Jewish music, prayers, songs, stories, games, crafts, Jewish Holidays and some basic Hebrew.

Registration is September 9th at 4:30pm and classes will be every Wednesday from 4:30pm to 6:15pm.

Please contact Marsha or Rabbi Claudio for more information.


Ad preschool

Sisterhood Fundraising Garage Sale

July 11, 1-6p.m.  (Same day as the play in the park and the BBMEN BBQ!). We need garage sale donations and help setting up/running the sale!
To volunteer (day before for setup or at the sale) or to donate items please contact Lisa or Rosy.
Donations can be dropped off on July 10th from 6-9p.m. and July 11, 9-1p.m.  Any remaining items after the sale will be donated to a community organization.
Henry Winkler

Silver Spoon Dinner Another Huge Success

Silver Spoon 2013The 2013 Silver Spoon Dinner, featuring keynote speaker Henry Winkler was once again a sell-out with money being raised for a number of important charities.

The following piece was written by CAI member Lisa Shiffman who attended the Silver Spoon for the first time last week.

This year on May 6th I went in to TCU Place a girl (albeit one in her late 30’s) and came out a woman.  That is, I attended the Silver Spoon Dinner for the first time ever.  When I first entered the auditorium lobby I was amazed at the massive amount of estrogen that greeted me.

Henry WinklerSo many women everywhere, all decked out in their finest.  It was every man’s dream come true (or nightmare, depending on who he is).  Upon arriving in the banquet room I was greeted with some amazingly smooth champagne, lemon merengue marguritas, hot nuts to snack on, and tables full of amazing door prizes.  The silent auction items were phenomenal and it was so hard to pick out the few goodies that I really “needed”.

I moved on to bump into my mother, as well as a lady I knew from my children’s previous school, and a lot of ladies from the Jewish community.  We mingled and drank.  Then we drank some more.  Upon arriving at my table I was greeted with a lovely salad of spinach, cranberries and nuts in a raspberry vinagrette, followed by a sorbet and Baily’s shooter to cleanse the palate.   The main course of chicken and root vegetables ending with a dessert of ice cream on a chocolate biscuit, all drenched in a fruit coulis, with a white chocolate mousse on the side.   I didn’t think it could get much better than this, but found that the company at my table was phenomenal (thank you, Sarah G. – I loved sitting next to you and want to do it again next year!!!)

Silver Spoon 2013After a few speeches our guest of honour, Mr. Henry Winkler arrived.  He visited all the tables in the room before sitting down at his own spot to enjoy supper with 1051 ladies.  After supper he did a motivational speech about his struggles in school and how at the age of 30 he discovered it was due to undiagnosed dyslexia.  He talked about dealing with parents who called him “dumph hund” (dumb dog) and discouraged him greatly in his academic pursuits.  He later went on to receive a university degree then landed a commercial which advertised “Close Up” toothpaste.  After that he got a job as a character we so fondly remember as “The Fonz” or “Fonzie” from “Happy Days” which ran through the late 70’s and into the mid 80’s.  He touched on the other acting jobs he worked from the 80’s to present then answered a few questions that the audience provided (two were my own questions that I had emailed Linda the night before!)   He was a very motivational speaker with his final message being “you can do anything”.

He then allowed the crowd to take photos with him on stage.  I was quite thrilled and got in line immediately.  I told Mr. Winkler that I loved him as Barry Zuckerkorn in “Arrested Development” and that I also watched “Happy Days” as a child (does this date me?”)  I guess he liked the compliment because he gave me a hug, which I am going to brag about forever.  Really, how many people can say that Fonzie gave them a hug?

I sincerely hope to attend the Silver Spoon Dinner again in the future or to work as a volunteer because it’s truly the ultimate ladies night out.  It was certainly a night that I will not forget!

Fun, Discussion and Sweetness Planned for Tikun Shavuot

Come to CAI on Tuesday May 14 for the special activities planned for Tikun Shavuot. Sit in the “lounge” and listen to short (15-minute) TED-style presentations given by members of CAI on different topics in their expertise including Judaism, law, education and more.

The evening begins at 6:30 PM and will include wine, cheese and dairy snacks, a festive Shavuot dinner and a cheese cake competition!

The original TED talks are short presentations given by notables in their field on a wide-variety of topics. Presenters have included Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Bill Gates and a number of Nobel Prize Winners. While it costs several thousand dollars to attend these events (the one at CAI is free!), they are recorded and made available for viewing through the TED Website and YouTube.

As an example of a TED talk, below is the first one that was shared publically. This informative and funny talk was given by educator Sir Kenneth Robinson in 2006 and has been viewed more than 4.5 million times on YouTube.


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