Breakfast Film Club Nov 10th 10:00am

A moving comedy about simple people in the city of Tiberius “The world is funny”. Director: Shemi Zarhin (2012)

Breakfast, movie and a short discussion! Sunday the 10th 10:00 am, at CAI center

Before you watch the movie you should know something about the “HaGashash HaHiver”. “HaGashash HaHiver” was an Israeli comedy group. Often called HaGashashim (The Trackers), they are considered a classic of Israeli entertainment and the most influential comedy act in the history of Israel.


The Gashashim put on many stage comedy shows, consisting of skits which became classics and contributed numerous quotes to modern spoken Hebrew. For example: “the world is funny so we laugh”.


The movie the “world is funny” uses the Gashashim as a background story. A famous skit is about the city Tiberius where the movie takes place and One of the main caricatures is an obsessed fan of the Gashashim.

The Global Day of Jewish Learning

CAI together with 400 Jewish communities around the world will create a meaningful shared experience. Bringing the Jewish people Together to celebrate our shared Jewish texts through community based learning.   Educational activities for kids will take place as well. Refreshments will be served!   On Sunday Nov. 17,  2-4:30 pm

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Breakfast Film Club Preview 2013-2014

The Breakfast Film Club will be opening the year with a film by the French-Jewish director Lorraine Levy.
“The Other Son” (2012) is a film about two young men, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, who discover they were accidentally switched at birth.
Come for the movie, some breakfast and a short discussion. Sunday October 20th 10:00am at Congregation Agudas Israel.

Presidential Address / Rosh Hashanah Speech 2013

“Who remembers the TV show “The A Team”?  It can’t be just me… Anyway, it was popular, in the 1980’s. Action, explosions, save the good guy… At some point in every show, Captain “Hannibal” Smith would say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

That is how I am feeling about our community. We have had a plan for almost 100 years now, to be a spiritual place of worship, a place of learning, a gathering place for friends and family. A place committed to deepening the quality of Jewish life in Saskatoon and district… To quote our well-written mission statement…”

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From Sarajevo to Jerusalem: My Journey to Judaism with Sara Pechanec

Nov 6th:

As the daughter of the first Muslim woman to be recognized as ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ by Yad Vashem, Sara Pechanec’s story will inspire you. Joins us for a fascinating evening to hear the amazing story of how her family rescued Jews during the Holocaust, only to be saved themselves during the Bosnian Serbian War.

Wednesday November 6th, 7:00pm at Congregation Agudas Israel

Simchat Torah


Family Shabbat, Potluck Dinner and Simchat Torah Celebration
Friday, September 20, 6pm.
We will celebrate dancing with the Torah and we will unroll a Torah and re-roll it from the end to the beginning!

After the Service we will share a Potluck Dinner
(Please contact Rosy or Daniella to ask what you can bring)


Come to fulfill the Mitzva of being in the Sukkah and the Lulav!

Sukkot Service, Blessing of the Lulav and Izcor:
Thursday, September 19th, 10:00am
(Kiddush and learning in the Sukkah after the service)

Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot:
Saturday, September 21th, 10am.
(Kiddush and learning in the Sukkah after the service)

Tefillah and Tefillin with Blessing of the Lulav:
Sunday, September 22th, 10am.
(Breakfast in the Sukkah after the service)

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