The Breakfast Film Club “The Gett”, Sunday October 25th

Sunday October 25th at 10:00am
In Israel there is neither civil marriage nor civil divorce. Only rabbis can legitimate a marriage or its dissolution. But this dissolution is only possible with full consent from the husband, who in the end has more power than the judges. Viviane Amsalem (Ronit Elkabetz) has been applying for divorce for three years. But her husband Elisha (Simon .Abkarian) will not agree.
We will have a discussion about the connection between religion and state in Israel and the complexity about it.
גט פרסום

Breakfast Film Club: “This is Sodom”

Sunday, September 27th at 10:00am

In this comedy, “Zohi Sdom” recounts the story of the birth of the Jewish people and the advent of monotheism on the backdrop of the last week in history of the infamous city of Sodom, the entreatment, gambling, sex and corruption capital of biblical times. A close look will reveal that the biblical reality is no different than our relation in 21st Century Israel. A jungle of wheeling and dealing where it’s every man for himself.

Written and Directed by Muli Segev & Adam Sanderson

Get to Know the Shlichim!

Young Adult and Family Trip to Beaver Creek:

Sunday September 13th, 9:00am – meet at the Synagogue and we will all head out to Beaver Creek:

Plan for the Day:
9:00 gathering at the synagogue parking lot
9:20 leaving to beaver creek
9:40 activities for kids at visitor center and birds feeding
11:00 hike starts
12:00 lunch (picnic)
13:00 heading back home
For lunch we’ll have a potluck picnic, so think about what you’ll bring.
In addition, we’ll do an activity for Rosh Hashana, so each family a wrapped gift – something small and symbolic that you have at home, or something that won’t cost more than 1-2$.
פרסום לטיול

Join us for the High Holidays!

Rosh Hashanah Services:

Erev Rosh Hashanah – Arvit Day 1                     Sunday September 13th          8:00pm

Shacharit Day 1                                                       Monday September 14th          9:30am

Arvit Day 2                                                               Monday September 14th         8:00pm

Shacharit Day 2                                                       Tuesday September 15th         9:30am


Yom Kippur Services:

Erev Yom Kippur – Kol Nidre                             Tuesday September 22nd          6:30pm

Shacharit Yom Kippur                                          Wednesday September 23rd      9:30am

Mincha (Afternoon Service)                                Wednesday September 23rd     5:45pm

Havdalah                                                                 Wednesday September 23rd      7:45pm

Break the Fast Blast, 2015!!

September 23rd, 2015 immediately after the Yom Kippur Havdalah service (approximately 7:45pm), come join us for a Break the Fast Blast meal!

Don’t worry about cooking, or dishes after a long fast: Simply click on the link below and register yourself and your family so you will be guaranteed a spot and a delicious dairy (gluten free) meal!

Click here to register and Pre-Pay through PayPal.

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