Our Mikvah


A Mikvah is a ritual bath, translated as “collection of waters”, requiring water from rain. Natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and oceans they are all considered appropriate Mikvahs.

Immersing in a Mikvah is an ancient Jewish ritual. It’s a powerful way to embrace Jewish spirituality and connection to God, to our bodies and our tradition.

Our Mikvah, renovated in 2021, is a sacred space built to support Jewish ritual life and important moments in the life of any Jew. Historically, women immerse in the Mikvah monthly, brides before their wedding, making dishes kosher, becoming a Jew by-choice (conversion) and as part of a spiritual preparation for Shabbat and holidays. In our times, the use of the Mikveh has become popular for other reasons, such as marking important life transitions.

In our Congregation, the use of the Mikvah is an intimate experience where the dignity and privacy of each one is respected. Immersions are not supervised unless requested.

To book the Mikvah please contact Rabbi Claudio at rabbiclaudio@gmail.com