In September of 2000 we began a new association with the Jewish Agency in Israel and their Young Schlichim program. This began as a seed of an idea to bring in youthful, energetic programming and content to our community. Twelve years later, this program has grown to become one of our strongest assets.

Each couple that has joined us brings something new and special to enhance our community. They have been teachers in our Hebrew school, Israel and Jewish advocates outside and inside the building, participants in Shabbat and ritual, and organizers of a dizzying number of entertaining, learning and eating opportunities. In fact, the events and programs each couple brings fill our calendar with a range and opportunity for programming that defies our size.

Each couple stays for one or two years, but leaves an impression that will linger long after.

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Our current Shlichim are Yaniv and Sapir Atiya

Shalom Saskatoon!

We are Yaniv and Sapir Atiya, a newlywed couple from Jerusalem, Israel. We got married 5 months ago on February 28th, after six wonderful years together.

We decided to go on Shlichut together in the purpose of sharing our love to Israel with the community of Saskatoon, and to help strengthen the bond between the community and Israel. We come from a hugging, loving and warm families in Israel, and therefore we hope that we’ll be able to find our way into the warm family of Saskatoon. Here’s a little bit about ourselves:

Sapir – I was born on March 30th 1993, in Jerusalem, Israel, where I live until this day. I’m the second born child to Yoram and Revital Yazdi, and have three siblings. An older brother, Maayan, 24 Years old and the CEO of an Israeli startup company. a younger sister, Lihi, 22 years old, a pastry cook by profession, and a current Shlicha in J-camp at the JCC of san Antonio, Texas. And a younger brother Shaked, 17 years old, a high school student.
I was a student in the ‘Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance’ for my high school years, there I learned to be a singer and was a part of several choirs, including ‘Ankor’ and ‘Animozi’. After participating in a delegation to the United States, that involves Israeli and American youth, I became a cantor in a conservative synagogue ‘Moreshet Israel’, in Jerusalem.

After graduating from high school I joined the IDF, where I acted in number of roles. In my first year I was a ‘Mashakit Tash’, which is the soldier that is responsible to the welfare and being among the soldiers. Later on I was a Commander in ‘Mashakiot Tash’ training course, and in my last role I was promoted to be a senior commander, and in charge both on the course contents&schedules, as well as of the soldiers and other commanders.

At the end of my service I went on ‘Taglit’ (birthright), accompanying young adults from the united states for a ten-day trip around Israel, as a solider. Also I was chosen to take part and to be a counselor in a very unique project called ‘Beney Haeil’ – a summer camp for IDF orphaned. After the army I joined the Jewish agency for the for the first time and went on a two-months reform summer camp – Crane lake, in Boston Massachusetts. Upon my return to Israel, and for two summers now, I’m working as a counselor and a group leader in NFTY, a URJ organization that brings teen agers from north America for a five weeks trip around Israel.

I really like singing and music in general. I enjoy everything that involves arts&crafts, and love to make things from scratch. I also like reading books, and hiking in the nature.

Yaniv – I was born on April 1st 1989, in Jerusalem, Israel, and raised in Jerusalem and her surroundings until the age of 19, when I joined the army. I’m the first born child to Oded Atiya, and Iris Hen, and I have two siblings. A younger sister, Mor, 26 years old, who had just finished her first degree in behavioral since, and lives in Haifa with her boyfriend. And a younger brother, Gal, 21 years old, a musician and about to start his one year of service.
I also studied in the ‘Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance’ for high school, where I played the guitar and drums and Majored in Jazz music. During that time, I was a part of the high school jazz ensemble, as a lead guitar. During high school years I was a member in some youth movements such as: ‘Hatzofim’ (scouts), ‘Madatzim’ (young counselors) and ‘Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed’ (working and learning youth), and was also very active on the school student council. As I graduated from High school I pushed my military service in one year to volunteer for ‘Shnat-Sherut’ (one year of service), where I worked with youth at risk, that were brought out of their homes in court orders.

I joined the IDF at the age of 19, and served as a combat solider in the armored corps. I was a tank commander and staff sergeant, training new recruit soldiers for most of my service. After my military service I joined the Jewish agency for the first time, and travelled to ‘Shemesh day camp’ at the JCC of Scottsdale, Arizona, as a song leader and music counselor.

Today I’m a law student, and have one year left to finish my degree. I also work in the ministry of Justice, but thinking about getting another degree in education and Jewish history. I enjoy music a lot and beside guitar and drums I also sing. I really like to read and hike, and enjoy both watching and playing sports.

We are both very excited about the Shlichut, and can’t wait to get to Saskatoon and experience everything about it. We hope that we could bring ‘our Israel’ to you, and mostly that we can truly become a part of your wonderful community.